Star of Azazel

The Star of Azazel is an occult society and brotherhood, founded in Finland in 2006. It is constituted of independent lodges, operating around Finland as well as internationally.

The fundamental thesis of the Star of Azazel is to bring together different forms of spiritual and occult search. Its philosophical basis was founded in the text Polyharmonia in 1999.

To become a member one must agree with the seven principles of the Star of Azazel and with the three theosophical articles. Our society differs from the regular theosophical occultism by the fact that we follow a form of Satanic philosophy.

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Polyharmonia: Prologue
© Fra Nefastos 1999 (translation 2013)


The things forgotten of which an understanding would greatly benefit our age:

1) Unity and oneness of all.
2) Sameness of spirit and matter, leading towards universal pantheism.
3) Importance of the unification of opposites – of intelligence and love, strength and serenity – in one’s personal life.


These all clearly belong to a single realization, which if actualized would be a portal to spirituality at last, away from idolatry, selfishness, and the tyranny of intellectualism as an end in itself.

Dear reader, you who love truth: read what I have written and judge gently. If you find truth in the words, then they have their origin in Spirit, in the Silent Speaker of Nature; but if you find lies and fantasy, then they are the delusion of my own mind and derive from pride and blindness. What I have written, I have written concerning practice and not dry and fruitless intellectualism, and therefore this writing does not strive as much towards the perfection of form as towards a purity of essence, and the reader will do wisely if he directs attention to the internal contents instead of the deficiency of the external shell.